GIBCA Mini Grants Program

GIBCA is proud to introduce our new pilot project - the Mini Grants Program! GIBCA members in good standing are eligible to apply for small grants of up to $300 for projects on Granville Island.

Eligibility requirements:

1. All on-Island applicants must be members in good standing. Off-Island applicants must either purchase an Associate Membership or apply in collaboration with an on-Island GIBCA member organization.

2. The amount the applicant(s) are requesting should represent no more than 1/2 of the total budget for the event or project.

3. If the event/project exceeds the projected income for the organization(s), we will ask that the surplus (up to the total amount granted by GIBCA) be donated back into the Mini Grant fund.

4. Any events or projects funded by GIBCA must demonstrate a positive impact on the Granville Island Community, and any events must be open to the public.

To apply, submit the following to with the subject "Mini Grant Application":

1. A one-page document giving an overview of the event/project, a list of partners, and the case for why it's good for Granville Island.

2. A completed budget/application form, which can be downloaded below.

3. Any supporting materials that may be relevant (photos, links to similar projects, etc.).

Applications submitted before the 20th of each month will be reviewed at the next Executive Committee meeting, and applicants will receive either confirmation of their approval status or a request for more information by the first Thursday of the following month. Please note that this fund is limited, and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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