About Granville Island

It was announced in 2016 that the new Liberal Federal Government will be creating a 25 year plan, called Granville Island 2040. Dr. Michael Stephenson has been tasked with leading this initiative. 

The GIBCA President, Jessica Schauteet, has a seat on the Granville Island 2040 Advisory Committee.

Find out more at granvilleisland2040.com.

January 2019 -New Granville Island Council to be Created

From the December update Memo received from Lois McGrath and CMHC:

"Those of you who joined us at the Granville Island Trust Reception this past Monday have already heard the exciting announcement of a new governance structure for Granville Island.

The Granville Island Council is being established to strengthen local authority, capacity and capability for GI, and to secure GI’s future success and achievement of its vision and strategy. 

The Council will be populated by local residents (within Metro Vancouver) who understand and are enthusiastic about GI, offer a suitable combination of experience, perspectives and skills, and are reflective of the culture and energy of GI and the broader community it serves. It will be composed of seven members: two nominees from CMHC, and the remaining from the local community, including one identified by the City of Vancouver.  This group will bring diverse perspectives which will instill creativity and innovation into realizing Granville Island’s vision of being the most inspiring public place in the world.

A Notice of Opportunity calling for applications will be available to the public early in the New Year, at which time I will update you with more detailed information."

If you are interested or know someone who is stayed tuned for more info or contact CMHC for further updates about the opportunities.

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