Established in 1995, the Granville Island Business and Community Association is a non-profit BC Society that officially represents the Granville Island community. As a voluntary membership-based organization, we strive to represent broad business and community interests on Granville Island.

Our Mandate

GIBCA exists to promote the general well being of all who work, live or use Granville Island for any legal purpose. Our function is to bring together like minded people to work cooperatively on specific projects that will enhance or promote Granville Island to ensure that each user of the Island has a positive experience.

Our Values

Unlike a BIA, GIBCA is a non profit society that is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Membership is voluntary. We strive to represent the diverse interests of the Granville Island community, as well as focusing on building lasting relationships between businesses.


General meetings take place at 8AM on the second Wednesday of each month at the Granville Island Hotel’s Dockside Lounge. The GIBCA...

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (Society Directors) meets privately on the first Wednesday of each month, except for August. Executive Committee members are...

Vision Committee

The GIBCA includes the Granville Island Vision Committee (a subcommittee officially founded in 2010), which is tasked with advocacy for the...

Historical Documents

A collection of documents of historic import to the development of Granville Island and the GIBCA. Click to read; right click to download...

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